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2020Connect’s phone append service features our best available phone listing databases available to provide you with right residential, business and mobile phone numbers. Our leading-edge technology and matching algorithms ensure you get the right number for the party you want to connect with.”

DA Phone Append

2020 Connect features DA (directory assistance) landline phone append solution because it continues to provide the highest confidence connection, estimated at 90%.  Primary reasons for the high confidence connection is due to the daily updates made by all major traditional landline telephone carriers.  Coverage includes all U.S. states, the majority of U.S. territories and Canada, as well as business and consumer records.

Premium Phone Append

2020 Connect’s Premium phone append solution, takes U.S. telephone directory listings and overlays them with household database to enhance matching capabilities.  This database is our second highest estimated confidence of connection at 60%, updates are made quarterly.

Mobile Phone Append

Mobile phones have become more prevalent in recent years, and one thing to keep in mind is that all mobile phones are private, due to a Federal Law passed in 2004.  Therefore, all mobile phones aggregated in our database are volunteered by the consumer or consumer collected data.  All mobile phone records that are aggregated are verified to have been originally provisioned by North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) as mobile phones.  Containing more than 200 million records, we estimate the connection confidence to be 40%.

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Features DA Premium Mobile
Connection Rate 90% 60% 40%
Match Rate 20% 35% 25%
Updates Daily Quarterly Quarterly