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2020Connect’s phone append service incorporates the best phone listing databases available to provide you with right residential, business and mobile phone numbers. Our leading edge technology and matching algorithms ensure you get the right number for the party you want to connect with.

Premium Phone Append

2020 Connect’s Premium Phone Append Service is based on data acquired in real-time from the local phone companies in the United States, Puerto Rico and Guam. Our premium data contains in excess of of 150 million consumer, business and governmental listings and is updated multiple times a day.

Our Premium Phone Append Service is the absolute best-in-class data available, anywhere.


  • Updated Multiple Times Daily
  • Contains 150 Million Consumer, Business and Governmental Listings
  • 98% Connection Rate


  • Most Up-to-Date Data Available
  • Comprehensive Source of Data For Multiple Uses
  • Perfect Source for Telemarketers and Voter Campaigns


Standard Phone Append

2020 Connect’s Standard Phone Append Service contains over 550 million consumer and business land line listings. With quarterly updates and a tremendous volume of listings, our Standard Phone Append Service provides you with a comprehensive, high-quality source for you phone append needs.

Our Standard Phone Append Service provides industry leading value at an extremely competitive price point.


  • 550 Million Consumer and Business Listings
  • Quarterly Upates
  • Highly Competitive Price Point


  • Comprehensive Source for Phone Append and Reverse Phone Append
  • Reliable, Current Data
  • Industry Leading Value


Mobile Phone Append

With over 175 million mobile phone listings, 2020 Connect’s Mobile Phone Append Service sets the standard in the industry. Combine our industry leading data with our leading technology and matching algorithms and your sure to get the number you need.

As more and more consumers switch to mobile-only for phone service you can rely on 2020Connect to keep you connected with your audience.


  • Over 175 Million Mobile Phone Listings
  • Quarterly Updates
  • Most Comprehensive Source of Mobile Phone Data


  • Industry Leading Match Rates
  • Current Data in a Rapidly Shifting Environment
  • Your Mobile and SMS Campaigns Will Connect with the Right Audience

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Features Premium Standard Mobile
Connection Rate 98% 87% 56%
Match Rate 47% 72% 37%
Updates Daily Quarterly Quarterly