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Our email append process focuses on providing you with the right level of service for your need. Our verified email append provides 98% verified deliverable email addresses for your customers/constituents/donors. Our basic email append provides the highest match rates possible for your contact lists.

Verified Email Append

Our Verified Email Append removes bounces before you mail improving inbox placement rates and your sender reputation. Beyond just providing valid email addresses, our Real-Time Email Validation identifies: role accounts, spam traps, monitoring seeds and disposable email addresses. We can also let you know if an inbox is simply out of space.


  • Real-Time Email Address Validation
  • Available as a Web-Service
  • Industry Leading Value


  • Dramatically Improve Sender Reputation and Inbox Placement Rates
  • Real-Time, In Form Email Address Validation
  • 98% Deliverable Email Addresses

Basic Email Append

2020 Connect’s Basic Email Append provides the highest match rates possible of opt-in email addresses for your contact lists.


  • Our Email Database Contains Over 750 Million Opt-In Email Addresses
  • Most Files Returned in Under 90 Minutes
  • Removes Known Hard Bounces and Check for Syntax Errors


  • Industry Leading Match Rates
  • Perfect for Files You Need Returned Quickly
  • Estimated Deliverability Rate 0f 65%

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Features Verified Basic
Average Match Rate 20% 45% +
Average Acceptance Rate 97% 56%
Includes Email Validation Yes No
Response Times 24 Hours 2 Hours