Get Connected

2020 Connect’s email append solution combines a robust database of consumer records with the latest in email verification technology.  This email verification technology isn’t limited to email append but can also be leveraged to verify a list of existing email addresses.

Verified Email Append

All email addresses are private, very similar to mobile phones in that regard.  Therefore, the 750+ million records that comprise our consumer email database are consumer volunteered and collected data.  Furthermore, any email address appended to your list will have successfully passed 2 verification steps, thus improving estimated confidence of 90% when emailing.


Existing Email Verification

Any list of existing email addresses can be put through our 2-step verification process in real-time to determine if that inbox is active and receiving mail.  In addition to pinging the hosted email server in real-time, we compare the email to a database of problematic emails including; bots, complainers, spam traps, etc.  Only after passing both steps will an email receive a deliverable status.

Solution Details

Solution Append Verification
Average Match Rate 45% 98%
Average Acceptance Rate 90% 90%
Real-Time Verification Yes Yes